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What Makes Us Different

  • You choose your animal to purchase, your preserve location and season to harvest in
  • 12-month season
  • No license required
  • No age limit
  • Vehicles are available to rent including swamp buggies, UTVs and pick-ups
  • All party members are recommended to wear a blaze orange vest, coat or hat
  • Remember to bring your camera!



Harvesting at Rudolf Ranch

Rudolf Ranch offers bison and auerochsen harvesting for the discerning consumer who wishes to purchase an animal that has been raised in a natural and ethical environment with plenty of space to roam, select its own food, and has not been treated with artificial supplements such as antibiotics or growth hormones.

In Wisconsin, these animals are considered an agricultural product but that does not imply that they are domesticated. They cannot be treated like cattle because they are not cattle — they are wild animals with all the natural advantages such as, low-fat, low-cholesterol, and high mineral meat.

Due to Wisconsin law, and the nature of the animal, the procedure to purchase an animal is as follows:

The animal must be purchased by the customer. Payments must take place before the animal is delivered (cash or certified check). Once the customer owns the animal, s/he can determine the type of delivery, for example, live to the meat processor, field slaughter, or live to their own facility.

Each of these methods needs planning. The harvest method chosen and its corresponding process has to be agreed in advance, for example, if you wish field processing, you most likely will harvest the animal by shooting it with a firearm or bow and arrow.

We offer without additional charge:

  • Finding a bison or auerochsen either by number or appearance, depending which animal you have purchased
  • Field dressing
  • Transport to local meat processor within the appropriate time

If a meat processor is used, all communication and coordination with them from here on, is the responsibility of the customer. If you process the meat yourself, we will offer loading on your vehicle or offer space on the ranch for you.

If you would like to have the animal transported live to the meat processor, we will coordinate with them, however time may change depending on when the animal can be caught and the schedule of the butcher.

If you would like to have the animal(s) delivered live to your own establishment such as your farm, we will charge outside 20 miles, $2.00/mile both ways for transport, $38.00/hour for catching and loading the animal(s) plus feed cost per animal at $3.00/day after two weeks of contract harvest date.

A “Hold Harmless from Liability” agreement must be signed in advance if you spend any time on any of our premises. The same conditions apply for the harvest of grass-fed beef.




The Mission of Rudolf Ranch



Hunting, since prehistoric times as been a means of survival. Successful hunters were admired because of their ability to outsmart their prey. Today we like to instill a similar philosophy, because the original instinct is still within us. Therefore we do not offer canned experiences, or as some may say, “open the cage and whack it.” You choose the preserve and terrain, you choose your animal to purchase and your season to visit.

Our animals are born and raised on the preserve and know the terrain well. This allows the opportunity to exercise your skill and patience. We prefer clients who are skillful in harvesting to avoid unnecessary trauma. With this in mind, please join us and have a wonderful rewarding experience.



While the world population grows (tripled since 1950), harvesting opportunities have declined rapidly. It is our goal to create a healthy population of animals, of all ages, to guarantee an ample supply of possibilities that are as close as possible to earlier times.

We offer opportunities both inside and outside our low/non-fenced areas to experience the difference and, if required, exchange the location for meeting every one of your wishes. While you do not need a license to harvest our agricultural products within our fenced preserves, with the proper licenses, and when in season, experienced harvesters can also pursue wild game such as rough grouse, eastern turkey, snowshoe hare, fox, deer and coyote.



Almost all “hunters” enjoy eating what they harvest. Some are even amateur gourmet chefs. Our staff and meat processor will advise you on how to clean the animal professionally and how to prepare the meat. We can also clean and prepare the meat for you if you prefer. Our animals provide meat that is free of hormones, antibiotics, tranquilizer residue and other medical and chemical substances.

It is well known that venison is low on cholesterol and so is our bison and aurochsen meat. Every animal on the preserve has access to different fields and legumes, according to their specific needs.



Ranch Staff

Each of our locations has a dedicated and experienced harvest manager as well as a ranch manager to assist in making your experience one to remember. To learn more about the opportunities we offer, or to schedule a visit, please contact us today.