Rudolf Ranch

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Fenced & Open Range Harvest Farm

Rudolf Ranch offers multiple Wisconsin locations to harvest our natural, antibiotic free bison, aurochsen and beef varieties. Our preserves are large, boasting between 600 and 1,800 acres, and offer both fenced and non-fenced areas. Our animals are allowed to roam freely and enjoy a natural habitat of forrest and grasslands. Many of our animals were born on the property and have grown up here. This means they know every nook, cranny and hiding place, which can create a challenging and authentic experience, that is ethical and sustainable. Once purchased, an animal may be harvested at the discretion of the buyer.

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The Paleo Beef Place

Paleo stands for pre-historic: knowledgeable people, looking to live on original non-altered foods. While this is already well established as far as grains are concerned, the meats are out of reach for most people. We at the Rudolf Ranch made it a point to raise the "Original American Beef" (bison) and the extinct (1627) but recreated ancestors of our western cattle (auerochsen) in a natural environment of forest and pasture.


Rudolf Ranch maintains locations throughout central and northeast Wisconsin. Each location offers hundreds of acres with fenced and open range areas for bison, aurochs and cattle, feeding on their preferred food throughout the grassy and forested areas. Aerial views of the preserves can be seen below, with marked boundaries.

Northern Buck

— 1,800 acres —

Rudolf Ranch

— 600 acres —

Processing, Taxidermy & Lodging

Rudolf Ranch has vetted local businesses to make your experience even more enjoyable. From meat processing and taxidermy to lodging for your stay, we have put together the resources you need to enjoy your experience.

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Ethical & Sustainable

The animals at Rudolf Ranch are living naturally in large fenced preserves, exposed to the cycles of the four seasons, without any growth hormones or antibiotics or other manipulations. They live without artificial shelter, but utilize natural barriers against the elements, as they did thousands of years ago.

They are totally independent and need, for example, no help in calving. Hay is supplemented if it needs to be in winter, otherwise they forage as wild animals on naturally growing grasses, fruits and leaves. Both types of animals therefore develop low fat, solid muscular meat, which is non-stringy and contains high natural mineral contents.

From Our Visitors

For a number of seasons now I visited, together with my relatives, the Rudolf Ranch to harvest a bison bull for the family consumption. We found the service and professionalism of the staff impeccable. This is an annual family affair... The help and attention we receive is just wonderful.

— William B.